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About Us

Company Introduction
"Xiao Mei Otak" had operated for many years, our business starting from handmade, a family management business, till today become a company with full automatic production line and have many branches scattered far and wide over the country.

Our Company name "Xiao Mei" actually is a nickname of boss's wife named by our regular customers. Because this nickname sounds catchy, so we resolutely decided on it as our company name. After many years, the company is inherited by the former boss's posterity. Our products are also wholesale to the Muar restaurant.

On the production line of our products, our main priority is always paying attention to product quality and hygiene. Only using Spanish mackerel as our otak-otak's main ingredients to ensure the taste of our otak-otak.

We realize the market demand for the otak-otak has slowly become filled, so we start to change our marketing strategy, slowly open branch in other states of Malaysia. Our first specialty store is on Yong Peng, our products are satisfied the local customers and passengers. To satisfy our customers' different needs, we launch different flavors of otak-otak such as seafood flavor, crab flavor, and squid flavor of otak-otak.

In the year 2006, our products finally got the Halal Certificate. So we start to export our products overseas with OEM.

We keep improving ourselves to match the market demand. We set our next goal as HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) food quality management. Work harder to provide high-quality products to our customers. Since these years, we have added Mochi as our new main products with a wide choice of flavors such as durians, chocolate, black sesame, peanut, red beans, and salted egg yolk custard. And the new products are also high acclaimed by our customers.

Lastly, we hope all the products that elaborate by us can get customers' love and support, and become a famous local food in Malaysia.